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Avoiding Loan Sharks – Tips, Precautions, and the Ways to Find a Legal Lender

The pandemic has resulted in a global financial crisis and, unfortunately, a lot of people lost their jobs and the source of income. The difficult financial situation makes people look for options to get money as quickly as possible. And this is exactly what the loan sharks need. Many people were left without permanent earnings,…

Business Database

Exactly what is a Business Database and the way to Find the correct One

A lot of companies worldwide use their particular business database that they utilize every time they initiate their advertising campaign. But to begin with, what’s this database about? A company database is really a list that holds a company’s potential, and also at occasions existing clientele. Business proprietors make use of this in their own […]

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Personal bankruptcy tips II

This is part two of our discussion on this topic – for part i, visit the personal bankruptcy tips part i here on the website. Before deciding to file for bankruptcy, you may want to look into other options. Remember, when you file for bankruptcy, you are greatly hurting your credit score, which in […]

Bankruptcy Tips

Personal bankruptcy tips I

Have you filed for bankruptcy? Did you have no other choice and now you have to live with the consequences? Now you can get an idea of how to get through life with this article. You do have options in life, you just have to explore all of them. So take a look through this […]

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When Should You Dispute Bad Credit?

Bad credit can sneak up on any of us. All it takes is one forgotten bill, a change of address, or even clerical error on the part of the creditor. You can dispute bad credit in many instances, if you know what to look for and how best to handle the situation. Top 5 Reasons […]

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How to Deal with Collection Attempts from AFNI

When you’re going over your credit file, you may see negative items reported from AFNI. It’s not uncommon for people to have never heard of AFNI before viewing their credit reports. And just as importantly, AFNI may never have actually heard of you. Who is AFNI? AFNI Collections, Inc. is located in Bloomington, Illinois. If […]

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Best Times to Dispute Bad Credit

If you have a lot of problems on your credit report, it may seem like too much trouble to dispute bad credit and negative listings that you know will gradually be removed over time. However, disputing those negative items can make them go away much more quickly, and there are many instances when you need […]

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What to Look for (and What to Avoid) in a Credit Repair Agency

When it’s time to tackle your credit problems and raise your credit score, you need to know what to look for in a credit repair agency. This is especially the case if you have items on your credit report like bankruptcy, judgments, or liens. In those instances, you need a credit repair agency that can […]

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What to Do When a Tax Refund Is Seized for Student Loans

It’s that time of year again – tax time. While you may not look forward to the actual filing of your taxes, many consumers do look forward to getting that refund check. In fact, most start planning what they will do with that refund long before tax season. Whether you were planning on putting a […]